Friday, May 29, 2009

A Blog By Any Other Name

What do you name a blog anyway? The word BLOG in and of itself is strange and off-putting. It sounds like the title of a late seventies horror film. "Just when you thought it was safe to surf (the internet) again... AGGHHHHH! It's THE BLOG!!!!" I envision some primordial ooze seeping from my iMac.

Nobody told me that coming up with a name for my blog would be this difficult. First of all, I thought I had already named my blog. I'm walking around like an idiot thinking I've got a blog called "JT Says" at Meanwhile, it turns out I fat-fingered the name when I requested it and it was JST Says. That's not good at all. What's the "S" stand for anyway? I'd like to think SUPER but STUPID or SPAZ would be much more accurate.

Back to the proverbial drawing board. jtspeaks -- taken. jtthinks -- taken. jtswords --- taken and it looks like JT SWORDS anyway and that's a different type of blog altogether. I went and looked up synonyms for SAYS:

Synonyms: make declaration, add, affirm, allege, announce, answer, assert, break silence, claim, come out with, communicate, conjecture, convey, declare, deliver, disclose, divulge, do, estimate, express, flap*, gab*, give voice, guess, imagine, imply, jaw, judge, lip*, maintain, make known, mention, opine, orate, perform, pronounce, put forth, put into words, rap*, read, recite, rehearse, relate, remark, render, repeat, reply, report, respond, reveal, rumor, speak, spiel*, state, suggest, tell, utter, verbalize, voice, yak*

jtspeils had potential but I thought it sounded more like a movie critic or a shoe designer. jtalleges? jtcomesoutwith? So I landed on JT Delivers. I like it. It's got a certain ring. Just hoping nobody orders a large pie with extra cheese and pepperoni. Mmmmmm. It's almost lunch time.

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