Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Is "iPad" The Best Name They Could Come Up With?

The Apple Tablet has caused quite a bit of hubbub.  Both prior to it's proven existence, (Does it exist?  Will it have 3G?  Does it do windows --- ha, get it!? --- Will it make all my dreams come true?) and now that we know it does exist (Why no camera?  Does it have a microphone?  Will it kill the Kindle?).  But a question that's not getting as much web-time as the rest is "Was the iPad really the best name choice?"

Why not?

Well the first and most obvious reason is that it's a mere one letter away from iPod.  Not even a letter, just the little tail you add to an "o" to make it an "a".  One fat-finger into the inventory control system and someone's going to get a whole truckload of the wrong item.

Then there's Mad TV's 2006 spoof on the name iPad (yup, 4-years BEFORE the creation of the iPad) in which they imagine an electronic device to handle all your... ahem... feminine needs.

So, if not "iPad", then what should they have called this super-sized iPod Touch?

My first choice would be "iBoard" because that's what my 3-year-old has been calling my Touch for the past year and I think it's hilarious.  "iBook"'s been done. " iSlate"?  "iTablet"?  None of them are all that exciting.

They could have gone with some of the more obvious and appropriate names, such as "iWouldBeALotCoolerIfICouldRunBackgroundApps" or "iCan'tBelieveIStillDon'tSupportFlash" or, my personal favorite, "iCould'veHadACameraButIDon'tSoAppleCanPutOneInTheNextGen".

However, even with its short-comings, it is still a pretty slick device.  Therefore they could have named it "iAmJustCheapEnoughToMakeItWorthwhile" or "iAmTheFirstDeviceThatSupportsDataOnlyPlansStartingAt15Bucks".

Call it what you want,  I can't help but think of it as the "iReallyWantOneBad".


  1. Haha, great post. And I pretty much agree with all of your opinions... And I SOO WANT ONE. With 3G. And stuff.

  2. I believe someone already owned iTablet (Toshiba maybe?) but iSlate is a much better name than iPad. Plus the lack of Flash support just makes me want to pick up a cheap(er) netbook so I can play Last Stand 2 and blast zombies at the coffee shop. I'd take one for free (or even half price) though!