Sunday, March 7, 2010

More Apple Magic

Everyone always talks about how Apple is magic.   Apple has even started using it in the own marketing (see Magic Mouse, or the iPad Keynote in 180 seconds where the word MAGIC is repeated countless times).

But one unsung bit of Apple Magic is Apple's built-in iSight camera.  It's just a web-cam right?  What's magic about it?

I use it to take almost all of my online profile pictures for Facebook, Blogger, Google, etc.   I'm forever getting compliments on my pictures.  Everyone says that I always look "beautiful" or "gorgeous" or I'm so "photogenic".    I always tell them it's the magic of the iSight camera but they don't believe me!

It's true.

Here's my current Facebook Profile picture, taken with the iSight Camera on my iMac.

(And no, that's not a real iPad.  My job is awesome
in that I get to do stuff like make prototypes out of foam
board and glossy printouts.  Pretty slick, no?)

I've gotten so many comments on this picture both on and offline.   Frankly, it's embarrassing because, in point of fact, the credit belongs to Apple magic.  It's the technology, not the subject.  I'm fully convinced there are tiny gnomes, probably wearing cute little apple costumes, that instantly apply all kinds of filters to the photograph before displaying it.

Don't believe me?!?!

Here's the same photograph taken with a regular point and shoot.
See!  Hideous!

Now that you've seen the truth, I recommend that everyone lug a Mac around for all their photo taking needs.   I know I will take all my pictures with the iSight Camera from now on.

Apple does it again!

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