Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Easter Aftermath

It seems like such an innocuous holiday.   A simple diversion to keep the kids busy between Christmas and the fourth of July.  The meaning seems a bit muddled but I think it has something to do with Jesus rising from the dead and hiding eggs.  Not really sure how the eggs figure in to the whole Easter thing.  Are the eggs supposed to symbolize the risen Lord and how the disciples "hunted" for him after finding the empty grave, which, I guess would be symbolized by the empty egg basket?  If so, where does dyeing them bright colors come in.  Is "DYEING" really a euphemism for "DYING"?

Whether your celebration trends toward the religious or the secular, it seems to have grown into something nearly unmanageable.    When I was a kid, Easter consisted of a day and a half of festivities.  Coloring eggs on Saturday, finding them on Sunday and eating copious amounts of candy.  In between, we went to church and ate some ham.

These days the festivities start up almost right after Valentine's Day with the Easter Bunny arrival at the local mall.  In someplace, it's the Easter Bunny and his / her body guards.  Before this Easter rolled around, my kids had already been to one Easter party together, a party in each of their classes complete with egg coloring and attended the town egg hunt.   Before Easter Sunday, they'd received no less than four baskets of goodies each from various family and friends.   Then we made Jello Jigglers.  Then the actual egg coloring.  Then the real Easter Bunny came and hid eggs and baskets.  Plus my dad made an egg hunt for them.

Don't get me wrong.  I'm not complaining.  I don't think my kids are spoiled.  They are very appreciative and thankful for everything they get and I'm so happy they have so many people who love them and think of them at the holidays.

For me, the issue is the after-math.   My house has more baskets in it than a basket weaver's convention.  (Not the best analogy but I couldn't really think of something that has a lot of baskets.)  There are countless coloring books, boxes of sidewalk chalk, wind-up chickies, hair pretties and assorted other little toys. I have enough Jello Jigglers for a small army.  And CANDY, CANDY, CANDY.  Oh, I forgot to mention the dozen and a half brightly colored eggs that nobody will eat but me.  Hard boiled eggs for breakfast, egg salad for lunch, cobb salad for dinner.  Repeat.

But it's all good, right?  The kids are happy.  They have lots of little diversions.  I could do without the Jelly Bellies I keep sneaking but I'm sure I'll get sick of them, eventually.  And even though my house looks like the site of a dollar store explosion, I'm sure I'll have us dug out of the mountain of easter grass and plastic eggs before Memorial Day.

Enjoy your Easter after-math, everyone!

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