Friday, May 21, 2010

Dear Facebook, I Love iPad

I know I went on and on about wanting and iPad for a while so many of you have probably been expecting a review, but, truth be told, Apple was so slow sending out institutional iPads that I think the "review" ship has sailed. You've probably already read all manner of opinion available on the web from "best thing ever" to "big bag of fail" so I won't bore you with the details. I'll leave it at "It's not perfect but it's plenty awesome."

Instead, I thought I'd take another approach. I have had my new toy for a day and a half and I've been seriously neglecting my favorite social network. I thought it only fair that I take a moment to write Facebook a letter to justify my unexplained absence.

"Dear Facebook,

I'm sorry I've been neglecting you. If you've been listening to rumors, you might have jumped to the conclusion that it is because haven't been respecting my privacy, but that's not true. I really don't mind. You don't share any of the "really" personal stuff and that's what's important. So, ignore what you've heard.

The truth is, I have someone new in my life. His name is iPad. He's really slick and cool. Right now, we're just figuring each other out. I know how to turn him on and what buttons to push but we are still trying some new things.

Honestly, I don't think I'll get bored of him anytime soon. But knowing me, I'll soon be using him to get to you. I'm sorry if this is hard to hear but I never said I wouldn't see other technologies. The two of you are just so different. You are all about the social scene and he just likes to be there for me. I can hold him in away I've never been able to hold you. But you have a lot in common. You are both easy to get along with and fun to be around. I'm sure you'd like him once you get to know him.

I hope this doesn't change things between us. I still love you and you know I'll always come back to you. Before long I'll be sharing my thoughts with you again, but I hope you are okay with sharing me because the new guy isn't going anywhere.

Yours Always,

I must give credit where credit is due. A very talented student recently wrote a humorous letter to one of our systems in the campus newspaper. It was very funny and inspired me to write this one.

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