Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Top Ten Things I LOVE About The Oatmeal's Book

10. Airline passenger bringing a fridge as carry-on
9. Slutty Oompa Loompa
8. Excessive use of the name "Chad"
7. Calling the Easter Bunny an a**hole
6. Raccoon trying to eat HTML
5. Whored up Velociraptor
4. Bear holding a sign saying "Please Pet Me. I'm Not A Bear."
3. Not one - but two references of chewing on people while they sleep.
2. Nikola Tesla
1. Fruity Blergs

This is by no means an accurate list. I could easily choose 100 things I love about this book and still not be sure they are my favorite things. Except Fruity Blergs. My favorite is ALWAYS Fruity Blergs.

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