Friday, September 23, 2011

The New Facebook Timeline is Coming - DON'T FREAK OUT!

Yesterday Facebook announced a plethora of revolutionary changes at it's f8 developer conference.  Among those change is the ground-breaking, Timeline profile.  

I was able to already activate timeline because, I once developed a stupid quiz using Facebook's quiz API so I am technically a developer.  You can pretend to be a developer and get it now too.

I think Timeline is pretty awesome.  Basically, Facebook is building upon what its users already do, which is to post life events, by making it easier to do so and a cinch to look back upon.   Facebook is also using what it already knows about you to build this timeline.  As I said, I think it's awesome but most users are going to freak the f**k out!

I don't really understand why someone would freak out.  It should come as no surprise to that Facebook has this information.   Of course it does, the user put it there.   Nevertheless, I think people are often surprised by the consequences of their own actions.

Once again, I remind you, as a fellow user, NOT TO FREAK OUT!  It's not a big deal.  This is your stuff, that you put there.  It's only shared with the people you shared it with originally.  Plus, you can go to your privacy settings and globally change the privacy settings for all of your past posts.

Timeline Privacy Setting
You can also go in and change who you have shared individual posts with.  Finally, there is always the ability to "VIEW AS" which allows you to see how others or the public view your timeline.  So if you don't trust what FB is showing the world, you can always double-check.

Facebook's "View As" Feature

Personally, I am jazzed that I can scroll back and see what I was doing years ago.  I can quickly see pics of my babies or antidotes that I posted about them.   I think it did a pretty good job of initially picking out things that belong on the timeline and it can only get better.

A Snapshot of My Timeline

In conclusion, change is good.   Facebook isn't stealing your thoughts.  The internet is not evil.  Sharing is okay.  You are in control of your information (for the most part).   Take a deep breath --- and dive in.

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