Thursday, October 6, 2011

Why Steve Meant So Much To Me

I figure I would just join the endless list of RIP Steve Job posts.   Read it if you like.  Don't read it if you feel like you've heard it all already.  I don't care.  This isn't about you.

I am not just an Apple Fan-Girl (although I totally am!).   I wasn't even an Apple Girl until '07 but when I drank the apple-flavored Kool-Aid I drank long and I drank deep.  I became enamored with every Apple product I got my greedy little fingers on.   It was shortly after I became deeply engrossed in the beauty of the usability that I wanted to learn about the genius behind it.

Shrine of Apple products accumulating at my workplace
The more I learned about Mr. Jobs the more impressed I became.  I am a designer by career and visual person by nature.  I've always been enthralled with all things shiny and beautiful.  In addition, I have a real passion for usability and an outright disdain for poorly designed products and software.   Steve Jobs had an unprecedented vision and commitment to the end-user.   Take away the billions of dollars, the "up-by-his-bootstraps" backstory, charitable works and dozens of other things that made the man great and that is what impresses me the most.   In the face of opposition, he has always kept his final goal as crystal clear as an iMac display - "EASE OF USE".

I've heard many people doubt his goals.  Most geeks I know (that's not a slur - these are my people I'm talking about) feel that he's been too rigid with the iDevice designs by not adding ports or integrating flash or allowing file navigation.   I've always said "with flexibility comes complexity" and that was not part of his plan.   In Steve I trusted.

He's given us the very best end user experience in the design of the Mac OS.  It is just brilliant in it's simplicity.   To name just a humble few (feel free to comment your OS faves):

  • Built-In Screen Capture (Windows STILL doesn't have this right)
  • Spotlight
  • Preview
  • Cover Flow
  • The best mail search EVER in Apple Mail
  • Print to PDF

He's changed the way we think about...well...almost everything with the innovations in iOS.   We can now carry our lives in our pockets or purses with the easiest to use mobile devices on the planet.   He's made the world smaller by making it easy for EVERYONE to connect with these devices.  It's not a special club for the tech elite.  It's for everyone.

Steve, for the hundreds of ways you has made my life, my job and my computing experience, easier and more enjoyable, I will be forever grateful.

I am sure that you have left brilliance in your wake because, if you have inspired millions who didn't know you the way you have, those closest to you must be bursting at the seems with innovation.   Carry on.  Do him proud.  The world is waiting.

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