Friday, September 6, 2013

Why I Don't Lie About My Age...

Age is just a number, right?  Then why do women lie about their age. I am constantly joking about turning 29 again but, in reality, I don't care much.

I love my birthday!  How many days a year are all about you?  For me it's just this one and Mother's day and Mother's day I gladly share with my mom and the various other special "moms" in my life.

My birthday is all me, baby.  I buy myself clothes.  I bake myself EPIC cupcakes.  People say "You shouldn't have to bake your own cupcakes."  It's not sad.  I want to.  It's fun.  I always try to come up with some crazy delicious flavor I've never tried before.

This year it was Vanilla Orange Cupcakes with Chocolate Ganache Filling, Cocoa Orange Buttercream and Orange CuraƧao Syrup! Super yummy.  I already had one for breakfast and I plan to have one this afternoon.   Hell, it's my birthday!  I'll eat cupcakes all day if I want!

I don't lie about my age. I know you've all heard this before but age is just a number.  All that matters is how old you feel.

  • When I draw and color with my son, I'm 7 years old.
  • When I play dolls with my daughter, I'm 8.
  • When I look at my kids' baby pictures, I'm back in my early 30s when they were tiny.
  • When I give my brother advice, or ask him to give me some, we're back in the Bronx sharing a room.
  • When I recently phoned my childhood friend while she was in the hospital, I was instantly transported back to 8th grade when I talked to her on the phone while she was in the hospital back then.
  • When I go out drinking with my friends (rarely, but it happens), I'm 27. Twenty-seven, by the way, is the perfect age for this activity because that means I am of legal drinking age but smart enough to know how not to make myself sick.
  • When I hear about my daughter getting picked on in school, I feel like going to school and giving the little brat a swirly, which would make me about 12 years old or so.  I'll try to refrain from doing that.

Admittedly, sometimes I feel older than I actually am.

  • When I had a few minor surgeries.
  • When a doctor visit results in "Yeah, we're going to want to check that out."
  • When my muscles are achy from "over-exerting myself" which is something old people say after they've done any sort of physical activity.
  • When I say things like "when I was your age".
But mostly I feel younger than my 39 years, and that's what really matters.  I'll never lie about my age.

Of course, if someone ever mistakes me for older than I am,  I'll lose it and go into a crazy, chocolate and wine fueled depression spiral but that's to be expected.

I'll enjoy my birthday, and you should all enjoy yours when it's your turn!