Friday, December 12, 2014

Lalaloopsy Size Up

I really have to hand it to the people at MGA. They keep coming out with new and innovative ways for me to waste money on Lalaoopsy Dolls.

The sizes and varieties are endless.

I was browsing today for NO REASON because I do not need to buy ANYTHING ELSE for the holidays, and I stumbled upon a breed of loopsy I hadn't seen before.

Lalaloopsy Newborns.

No, not the disgusting babies that poop charms. Ewww, my daughter did NOT put one of those on her list for Santa and who cam blame her. Gross.

"Look mommy! My dolly crapped this out and I made a necklace!"

No, these are Lalaloopsy Newborns. Little palm sized babies.

I can't even stand how cute they are.

I can't let my daughter see these! She already wants Lalaloopsy Girls and Tinies for Christmas.

Then I got to thinking about how many SIZES these dolls come in. From the 1.5" tinies to the full sized 15.6" originals and a slew in between. Wow!

I wanted to see how they measured up to each other so I put together the following line-up that I hope you will find helpful.

Click to enlarge and see measurements

Please note, the measurements are approximate and don't take into consideration the measurements of those God-forsaken little pets and accessories.

Happy shopping!